The Father

It speaks that they say it to the people to be criminal, that is in a lunatic asylum and soon will be judged. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with endocrinologist. But judged why? It does not understand that crime is this that made dirty its hands of blood and all comment. It starts to remember its son, heard some rumors that it did not look like itself nothing with it and that she was not its son, found a letter that contained terrible things, but for it, it was of it and it preferred the proper mother to it. Until this part of the narrative we do not know what really it happened, is the mystery of history, the art of the literature that arrests in them and it makes in to want to know them more and to go in front. The personage says to be a doctor of reputation, an excellent surgeon, friend of politicians and if she would avenge of whom they are against it. Suddenly one remembers Joceli, its wife who adored the sea and arrived to pass some alone vacations and with the son in the beach, but that it dies drowned.

Finally the personage starts to unmask the real facts of history being said that the son was of it and needed to modify its face and to take off the cursed similarity, therefore all already knew its friends, its customers, all the population of the city. It needed to pull out of the face of the son the similarity of the other, therefore the son would have of being seemed it and nobody more would doubt that it was the father, and that soon its son will be alive again strong and with a new face. We can perceive reasons perfectly events in the reading, but the interesting one is that we do not know if really the personage is a doctor, if what what it tells is truth, if really this son existed or not, if it really committed this crime or he was always an insane person.

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