The Doctor

I was circling the block like any stalker of schoolgirls why an so sordid and disturbing metaphor came me to mind?, looking at my watch again and again. At the time it was o\’clock calling ringer. What I was not surprised It happened then: then what was happening to me was impossible that it asombrase any event. Which doctor are you cited? He asked me a voice, to open the door. I heard the words perfectly, but didn\’t see anyone. The fact was not nothing strange: If on occasions she was unable to see me I myself, how much other people would have ceased to see during those days without having given me account? So I do not descompuse my countenance even if that absurd detail what else was in that situation and speak the name of the psychiatrist that the hour had agreed. The waiting room was filled with voices stay, although I could only see a woman escorada to your left side, as if an invisible being was making confidences. The rest, despite being scrutinized with care, was an unfathomable vacuum.

The doctor received me at once. Good. I assumed that it was the doctor because I heard her voice, although I did not see it. Go! That seemed to not materialize now were the other but, on the other hand, they should be seeing me perfectly. I explained, thus my case to the air that was on the other side of the table, in the hope that that wasn\’t a nightmare or I, simply not had killed me long ago without having noticed it.

Do not crazy find all this? I asked vacuum, at the end of my statement. The invisible man replied with a good-natured voice: at all, by God! His case is more frequent and, unfortunately, every day more such cases are given. But you, at least, sees me interrupted you, with a relief stop.

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