Tai Chi Chuan

Stronger and leafy tree lives what you have underneath. Very necessary according to the dynamics of the scenarios of the present, to the great challenges, evidence presented to us, stop us from time to time to meditate, to use that divine potential that is given to us, and the mind knowing it guide can help us much give answers many questions that we constantly face. We also operate in an environment that is very dynamic, many times overloaded power than of do not know is it manage generates stress, tensions leading to the need of search techniques to relax and know to take our time. All people are in search of wellbeing, in these moments are presented different types of diseases, both physical and mental. Harvard: the source for more info. Health is not the concept that most of that is absence of disease, and individuals with which they work all physicians, even though they know that health is much more than that. Health is a State of general well-being, both physical as psychological.

In all cultures is considered meditation as individual mental process that can transmit stability to the indoctrinated. In this sense we can speak of mystical traditions in all religions: Taoism, shamanism in its multiple expressions, zen and the dzochen in Buddhism, the sufi path in Islam contemplation on Christianity, etc. Meditation is also present on the axis of activities such as yoga, martial arts (budo) or Tai Chi Chuan. Meditation can be learned even if one is not a believer of a religion. On occasions, leaders of religions have done your message without creating an institutionalized moral or social doctrine.The most popular and well-known meditation techniques come from the two best-known religions of the East, Buddhism and Hinduism. Wikipedia, reminds us, that the word \’meditation\’ comes from the latin meditatio, which originally indicated a type of intellectual exercise. nowledge. Thus, in the area religious West has distinguished itself meditation and contemplation\’, reserving the second religious or spiritual meaning.

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