Tai Chi Chuan

Tai Chi Chuan, or Tai Chi Chuan is a truly remarkable skill. However, for more than 902% of practitioners are available, only 10% of its potential. Those who first encountered the Tai Chi Chuan, be aware that this Art is a proven sophisticated system of exercises for the mind, body and control the flow of energy. Tai Chi is equally suited to promote health, longevity, self-defense, improve mental abilities and spiritual development. Technique still good for all people, regardless of their racial, cultural and religious backgrounds. Tai Chi Chuan has rightly called "the poetry of movement", but it would be a mistake listen to the views that treat the art as "shadow boxing" or "slow gymnastics." The first definition of Tai Chi Chuan most accurately conveys the beauty and grace of Tai Chi, while the "shadow boxing" and "slow gymnastics "indicate superficial understanding of the true depths and the philosophy of art. Despite the complexity and variety of aspects of Taiji, a beginner does not need any prior knowledge.

At the same time should be borne in mind that if you intend to take full advantage of this art, no book can replace a consistent and constant training. However, patient and consistent training does not mean that the student blindly and mindlessly recite this or that movement. If the student of Tai Chi Chuan in a few years does not feel real results from training, that is, his body remains weak and fragile psyche, and the mind dull, such a disciple should be thoughtful about their own mental abilities and either focus their efforts in another direction, or turn to other mentors or sources of information. Usually involved at the right methods people a year achieve tangible results. The great masters of Tai Chi Chuan particularly emphasized the dominant role of internal, in-depth aspects of art in comparison with its external manifestations. As a rule, most students are aware of this, but few are aware of the meaning of the concept, not to mention the practical application of it. The rich philosophical heritage of Tai Chi Chuan, expressed usually in a poetic form that does not detract from the the main purpose of art – its military aspect, and, more importantly – the practical application of the system in everyday life. In other words, if after 20 years of practice you can not stand up for themselves, or are still unable to to cope with outbursts of anger, or your physical condition is poor, you know – you have wasted valuable time.

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