Acetil Coenzima

October 22nd, 2017

From this it saw, to the end of 10 necessary enzymatic reactions if it gets the piruvato molecule, a precursor of the molecule of Acetil Coenzima (acetil CoA) that it is the first molecule that of the origin to the acid cycle of the citric one or cycle of Krebs. The glicoltica way has a […]


September 29th, 2017

Another sufficiently present cardiovascular riot in the population in general, being the morbidade most common in frequent adults and in the services of emergency in Brazil, is the sistmica arterial hipertenso (HAS), that it is a condition where the patient can relate migraine, normally located in the nape of the neck and that varies of […]

PSF Nursing

February 3rd, 2017

In this manner, he can yourself be approached to the real necessities of the collective as half to tie to action in health the end to take care of the specific necessities of the population (6). PERFORMANCE OF the NURSE IN the ESF AS CONSTRUCTOR OF the COLLECTIVE HEALTH the nurse, responsible direct for the […]

Cosmetic Treatment

August 13th, 2016

The acne is the most common of the chronic illnesses of folculo pilossebceo of the skin human being, caused for multiple factors and that it leads to the appearance of some characteristic injuries. Four basic points can be pointed as responsible with respect to the development of the acne: sebcea hipersecreo; hiperqueratinizao to folicular; bacterial […]

System Health

July 14th, 2016

This politics takes care of, over all, to the necessity of if to know, to support, to incorporate and to implement experiences that already come being developed in the public net of many cities and states, between which are distinguished those in the scope of the Traditional Medicine Chinese Acupuntura, the Homeopatia, the Fitoterapia, the […]

Nacionalde Program Control

June 6th, 2014

It can be disclosed during after internaoou the high one, since that related to the internment or the hospital procedures. Currently, the IH concept is more including when if complete the infecoadquirida one during the assistance to the patient in a system of not internment, noatendimento in ambulatory or doctor’s offices. In the context of […]

Potbellied ESF

May 13th, 2014

The ACS had been operating in such a way in the formularization of the cronograma of activities as with the responsabilizao of the visits of orientation, support in the workshops, and planning of the actions. In the perspective to provide to learning and pleasure to the boarding of the subjects, it was used methodology of […]


March 21st, 2014

For attainment of the results, the bibliographical research was used as methodology, of qualitative nature, with emphasis in the deductive boarding. In accordance with Severino (2007), the bibliographical research ' ' she is that one that if carries through from available register, decurrent of previous research, in documents printed matters, as books, articles, teses' '. […]

UTI Patient

March 4th, 2014

Patient positive factors? Verbal communication is that making through express words in such a way by means of the written language as spoken, and must be clear similar of that the other understands what we are wanting dizer5. Environment or physical structure becomes necessary changes in the physical environment of the UTI? s so that […]

Diabetes Type

March 3rd, 2014

The carriers of Diabetes Type 2 present two physiological deficiencies: abnormal secretion of insulina and resistance to the action of the hormone in fabrics white (BRAZIL, 2006; KATZER, 2007). The Mellitus Diabetes are a pathology characterized for the insufficient production of insulina for the organism, being able to take the patient to the death. The […]