Harry Lewandowski Publisher

January 19th, 2016

The danger, that you read the food at the email wraps down without being aware of the situation, is great. Be this short break worth itself, at least for half an hour, the eyes and the mind snap. Then it continues well strengthened. Be healthy snack nutrition coach Reinhard Karl ublacker has a rule of […]


April 28th, 2014

How to be completely well supplied also without meat protein, Eisen and co. For Brad Pitt, there is no steak and no chicken wings on a dish at lunch. Madonna and Paul McCartney are longtime vegetarians; even action star Jean-Claude van Damme forgoes meat for years. But not only among the stars, but also in […]

New Health Awareness

March 7th, 2014

LOHAS evolve through the Web 2.0 to foodies and gourmet guides. Munich, 13.09.2012 our world has developed into a dynamic lifestyle. The typical nine to five’ job has been replaced long time ago according to trend researcher Corinna Langwieser through a dynamic labor market. A process which is reflected in the needs of the people. […]