Strengthen Your Hair

Various shampoos, conditioners and rinses, commercially available, fully cover the needs of most demanding customers. However, the common view that high-tech innovations have some flaws, along with good barrel, delivering beautiful ladies and rude men and a spoonful of harm. About the dangers or benefits of modern hair care talk, somehow, today's think pozzhe.A, how did without all this perfume and hygiene diversity of our ancestors? Used the tried and tested people's means, remember that no sin in our day. Stop hair loss and dandruff help ordinary dairy serum, the same Vodicka, who is curled up on the thermal treatment of sour milk. If suddenly there was a such bad luck, the serum can not empty into drains, and use for other purposes. Of course, previously wrung out tasty cheese.

No less effective than serum acts or brew beer. That's really the last of the modern shops – a dime a dozen … Enhances natural color and gives a natural shine, well-nourished and strengthens the hair bulb decoction of herbs. Nowadays they can be, as in the long ago days in the woods to gather yourself. Just need to leave the road away, do not be lazy. Well, you can walk to the nearest fitoapteku, sure it contains everything you need, with guaranteed quality.

What exactly ask the pharmacist? Burdock, coltsfoot, nettle, oregano, chamomile, hops cones, birch leaves. Broth collection of these plants (in any proportions and composition) was diluted with water, a glass of water is enough spoons of broth. Recognised in the olden days folk remedy – rub the hair and scalp oil. Our ancestors did not use sunflower oil. In ancient times treated burdock, buckthorn castor yes. Here's their hair treated. In principle, can be rubbed into the scalp oil in its pure form, but the old folk recipes and do not rule out the option when oil was diluted with pure kerosene one to one. Perhaps to ease the process, the mix more fluid and less frequent delays hair. You can try therapy, and other folk remedies. Source: Be happy!

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