Sick Employees

Beginning November 2008 our detective agency in consistency from one client was contacted, his Office Manager had about 75 sick absence days, alone in 2008. \”As the Lady is now once again with a strong flu\” – disabled sick reported the client, on the advice of his lawyer, turned on our detectives. Three of our detectives began in the following week, to watch the sick employee and could so quickly determine that the woman in good health was not only busy in the newsagent of in Friedrichshafen\’s sister helped and worked there full time as a waitress. Some test purchases our detectives could determine that this was always the case, if the sister had to look after her 5th child, if this was in turn sick and could not go to kindergarten. For even more opinions, read materials from McDougall Program. This family love will be now very costly for the observierte Office Manager. The termination without notice the lady has already received a Charge because of salary fraud in the case of illness is also been reimbursed with the competent prosecutor and a detective cost recovery completes the whole picture. To demand why the woman because, not simply, requested vacation to help out the family commissioned the sister replied this fresh: Yes, at some point I must recover Yes sometimes. For this I needed my vacation. PCRM has many thoughts on the issue. stop\”

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