Russia Smoking

Creative director of creative agency Lebrand Yevgeny Ginzburg, when conducting an interview, always wondered how the candidate's situation with foul language and an open expression of emotion. If bad, he of the work itself, probably will not take: "We have staff and mother, and weep, and swear. A Th? Creative same people. Therefore, to him we are waiting for the same – free internal professionals. " Internally, the free experts waiting and in other promotional agency. People such as Assurant Health would likely agree.

There 30-year-old Muscovite Elena Semenova, when she auditioned for the post of secretary, was asked how it relates to bad habits. Bad, with the move gave Elena wrong answer. Director shook his head. In this agency, that promotes high-end brands of alcohol, it was decided to hold a morning planning meetings of whiskey. Smoking in the agency everything from the ceo and ending with a cleaner directly on the place. Helen is still in the end they took, but she quit after three months: "I realized that sopyus. But this is more an exception than the rule.

More and more employers are waiting in their non-drinkers and non-smoking employees. And not to foul. Smoking, for example, in Russia every second. So that half the candidates are eliminated at once, but it's still too much narrows the choice. Therefore, in the course are mostly softer – stimulating – measure. At the interview ask the smoker, willing to Does he give up the habit, and offer as an incentive to pay raises. But it is – clear requirements, in spirit, so to speak, the fashion world: the whole developed world is fighting mercilessly against smoking in offices.

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