Relationship Compatability

Surely most people want to be happy in love, meet a man attuned to internal needs of the soul and create a family based on mutual feelings. Why do so many unhappy couples, and so many disappointments and frustrations? Let us try to understand the causes of what is happening with the knowledge of astrology and psychology, drawing on the experience and using examples of my advisory practice **. In terms of spiritual knowledge of love – this is what each of us may experience the closeness to the Creator. Because the love – the basic principle of this device in the world. And the knowledge of love – one of the major challenges facing each of us, for knowing what we will partly come into this world. Love is the one by which a person is able to open its bright side, the best thing in it.

For example, in the name of love and his favorite people are willing to overcome difficulties and obstacles to sacrifice themselves, to create beautiful works, to perform unselfish acts, leaving behind a striking footprint. That's why love – a powerful tool for the development of the human soul. Vibration of Love "Opens" the heart and the person begins to feel this world and what is happening in it, passing through the heart. Such a worldview is the foundation of wisdom. Therefore, the meeting of love – an important event in human life and a powerful source for development. Since it is through love and for the sake of our beloved, we are ready to change, grow, perform noble deeds, to give in, step on the throats of his pride and selfishness, and thus becomes higher and purer, to forgive pain, resentment and even betrayal, and ultimately, through mastering the art of unconditional love to become better and wiser.

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