Reiki Master

1A-astro consultant profile: lobelia witch welcome welcome as it so nicely: there are no coincidences in life, for this reason I am pleased that you found me. Dear partnership lovesickness, there is no love without suffering, I think we all know that, just who learns love, opens, is also really vulnerable. But what would we humans without this feeling? I\’m extending my hand to you, together we can find a way how you feel better again. Because this is the first step in the right direction. Please, you put up that I tell you what I see and feel, even if it is time uncomfortable.

We grow all of our crises, even if we still can\’t see it at the moment in which we live through them. But apart from love, there are often have many other grievances that oppress us, like I look at together what\’s coming at you, and what was with friends. Like, I go with you on a piece of your journey and am here for you. More than 15 years, I am working with people in crisis situations, has recently also here at 1a-astro. Through my long first-hand practical experience and education, but also through the own life crises, I am able to give you the help and strength that you need. I am looking forward to our first conversation of everything love lobelia possibilities: Lenormand, Angel magic, and other spiritual practices in particularly severe life crises or if you\’re feeling burnt out and exhausted, I support you (and if necessary also your animals), more as a Reiki Master/Teacher love through positive energy expertise: help increase your self-awareness work out your skills support and Coching incenses with distance Reiki treatment advice I support you and strengthen your confidence, Your well-being and activate your own powers (also for your pets).

At the end was still said: the advice offered by me replaced not visiting the doctor or therapist. What is important in my work, is openness and honesty. It not good for you and me I tell you what you want to hear. Qualification: Reiki Master/Teacher, a healer fortune teller witch lobelia you can reach at

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