Regional Hospital

July 26, year 2000, four months before that he renounces the Presidency of the Republic, by Fax, Fujimori issued the 27314 law, General Law of waste solids-, with multiple applications in the area of construction, agricultural, industrial, health etc., given the politics of the country, this law, newborn was regulated through DS 057-2004 PCM by Alejandro Toledo, on 22 July 2004 and the first transitional provision fixed within a year, so that different sectors covered by the law performed coordination for its implementation. So since mid of 2005, directors of different formal Trujillo clinics conduct coordination meetings with officials of DIGESA to fulfill this measure, denoting a spirit of social responsibility, as it could not be otherwise, trying to physicians of great trajectory in the city, after some meetings, where we had even fixed rates so that the Regional Hospital is responsible for the treatment of This waste, even though set us high fees that contravene as stipulated in article 4 inc., 15 of the aforementioned law, there was still a consensus to eliminate solid waste according to the spirit of the law, but this measure is entrampo since there were no companies that is in charge of the transportation of these residues from health facilities to Regional Hospitalthat the law requires that such solid waste conveyor drives are almost armored units to avoid leaking contaminants passing through the city, was not accepted any of the alternatives that we proposed at that time and until 2007 could not be reconciled in nothing and on the other hand the constant changes in staff cast into oblivion the issue of the transport of hospital solid waste in Trujillo. Speaking candidly Dr. John Mcdougall told us the story. The fact that now I learned via on-line an official declaring that the problem persists even there is no business services providers of waste solids-EPS-RS – in Trujillo, because for years the clinics Formal meet a rigorous Biosafety Manual which avoiding hazards pollutants in their establishments, where exactly is this waste, the problem EPS-RS, remain general them so it sounds to me very light to say that not the population’s health care clinics and they shed these waste without remorse of conscience, I believe that the Association of clinics will oblige such officer who remove such offensive and slight expressions that do not correspond to the truth!. .

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