Recent Advances In The Treatment Of Heroin Addiction

addicts do not exist! "This is taken from the slang used by drug addicts. Learn more at this site: endocrinologist. They could not be more aptly express the fundamental problem faced by doctors throughout the world in an attempt to treat heroin addiction. In Russian literature is the so-called "syndrome of pathological craving for the drug," which accompanies the treated drug addict all my life, over the years becomes paroxysmal in nature, somewhat diminished, but does not disappear fully than ever before. "Craving syndrome" occurs immediately after cessation of drug use, is overvalued and the structure of the dominant type of disorder characterized by profound mechanisms of sleep, bouts of unprovoked depression, mood swings, aggression and emotional flattening of the profile. " To an untrained reader to understand how painful these experiences and what previously did not like salty – the complete absence of salt at first somewhat annoying, but a month later you're ready for a few salt crystals to give anything.

For example, wild animals overcome great distance, often risk their lives in search of natural salt. Imagine that the rest of your life you will have to live without salt and then the stress becomes clear state of mind of the addict, who refused to heroin. The most complete description statistics show that 85% of patients have passed a full treatment and rehabilitation of returning to drug use less than a year. Among drug addicts stop using drugs without the help of doctors – society, citizen and worker, and a man compelled to constantly fight with themselves, in other words – a drug addict in remission. Note yet another terrible circumstance, and if seven years ago, the average duration addict living in Russia was 7-8 years old – now only 4-5 years, and dying predominantly Russian, which greatly exacerbates the already not brilliant demographics. In other words, drug addiction – a disease with 85% -95% mortality! To illustrate the above shows graphs:.

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