Raised Mattress

Retractable bed skirtings securely fixed in the raised position. An additional advantage of the crib are plastic lining on the side. They protect sensitive gums toddler from splinters when it starts to chew everything in between dentition. The main criteria when choosing a mattress for the crib – is safety, hygiene and convenience.

If the crib you can buy second-hand, the mattress should be necessarily new. Mattress should approach to the bed size. Note the filling of the mattress. Mattresses filled with only one straw, coconut or barbed bristles, long relegated to the past. Such mattresses instantly deformed forming the \”bumps and holes\”, come out from the mattress cover, filling pricked – mattress does not match the functions to be performed. In addition to the orthopedic spine support, the mattress should provide a very important especially for the baby factor – temperature control. Infants in the first weeks of life can not independently regulate body temperature and overheat just as dangerous for them, and hypothermia.

You will need 6.4 sheets of soft cotton or cotton jersey. If you plan to use only cloth diapers are very comfortable terry waterproof sheets, or buy an oilcloth of a suitable size that will laying on the mattress. In this case, irreplaceable sheet on an elastic band – they will not stray. Do not buy for a newborn cotton, or blankets – they are too heavy and hot, to the same fur, unless it was special treatment is a strong allergen. Just buy a fleece blanket.

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