Queen Margaret\’s Diet

In the case of forming their own individual diet no details, all its components are part of the individual chosen style food. As we have seen, do not count calories on a daily basis with meticulous accuracy, it will be time consuming and will bring us eternal concerns instead of feeling the joy of a gradual separation from excess weight. However, to develop your inner balance food intake and orientation in energy value of food eaten is necessary, especially for this purpose we provide information about calorie content of various products. And then found out some very interesting data, eloquently testifying to the fact that the mass of calories not hidden or taboo abundant garnish desserts, and in quite harmless at first glance, drinks. So, who does not drink a cup of spiced cream impressive latte, nice chatting with a friend? In this case you may well courage to give up the dessert, not thinking about that just "drink" about 400 calories. Compare – the same number of calories contained, for example, a plate of mushroom soup or a decent portion of boiled beef.

However, if these dishes we perceive as natural components of the hearty meal, the drink goes unnoticed and does not bring completely saturated. The same goes for the sweet tea – a cup, add two pieces of lump and you are burdened with hundreds of calories you get, for example, portions of low fat cottage cheese. A bottle of cola beloved by many (about the dangers of the chemical components that can write a separate article) will add about 180 calories – for By comparison, the same "weight" of an extremely useful vegetable salad with a little slice of rye bread. Precautions should be taken and fruit juices – a glass of orange contains about 120 calories (which is almost equal a plate of buckwheat porridge), and grape – about 150 of the same units (the same will be given three chocolates).

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