Queen Anne

It is suitable for almost everyone. Cut-out "on the shoulders" look very elegant. Apart from the purely aesthetic value, this option is still auxiliary support corset, which may be especially important for women with large breasts. He'll fit in if you are a narrow thorax, or pear-shaped body type. But will not work if you have broad shoulders or excessive hands full. The asymmetry of the asymmetrical neckline on a wedding dress is a one wide shoulder strap with one hand. This option is suitable girl with an extraordinary, slightly eccentric taste.

If you would like to stress zone clavicles, you can stay on it. But the asymmetrical neckline to avoid girls with broad shoulders and massive. This Queen Anne neckline looks like a high collar and rear side, which turns into a front slight bend in the form of the heart. This cutout is suitable for almost every shape, especially the visual extension of the upper body and neck. The square neckline is like a half square, flanked by a limited straps. Ideal for girls who can boast a beautiful figure. This type is not too open, and looks good on girls of any body.

Akin to the lapel of his shoulders, this version is a cut soft wide lapel, framing the shoulders. Can you give him the preference, if you have hands full and clear collarbone. V-neck is of a Latin letter V, located between the shoulders. Tissue in such a cut-out can fit snugly to the skin, as well as can be lightly draped, and create like lapel. Such a cut is what sets many types of figures, suitable for girls as a small and a big bust. Extended the letter V may conceal a large bust too. The wider the letter V divert attention from the very small breasts, helping to focus attention on the neck and upper chest. This round neckline neckline with shoulder straps, sleeveless, looks like inverted arch. Similarly, V-neck round version can be as deep or high as you like. Suitable for most types of shapes. Full neckline, this classic cut is straight from the one armpit to the other. There are also variations in the form of light roughness in the form of an arch. It all depends on what you see yourself in the end. Suitable for women with well-folded hands high completeness, and to focus on the beautiful neck and upper chest. Should be avoided if you have a narrow chest. Heart This cut gets its name due to the typical framing of the breast cups of dresses that are a festoon as the heart. Such a cut, usually does not have straps and sleeves combined with the very different lengths. Especially good this looks on the girls cut the size of the breasts to a size 4. Too much chest creates an imbalance between the upper and lower parts of the dress.

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