As far as possible within the framework of this article, we will try, however, to clarify some things: What can say that people often have the psychological qualities, which they obviously are not in themselves worked out? For example, everyone knows the prevalence of some individuals such as the properties of nature, avarice or rancor, excessive touchiness or excessive zeal, optimism or pessimism, risibility, pedantry, and so on. Maybe it's just in a particular 'mindset' of these people? Or perhaps they have raised that way? (The ancient Romans said, that 'In the world there is nothing that could not be', but – imagine yourself that 'education' …) – You can stay at any of these explanations, or randomly selected from the ten other fertility, which always have the psychologists and psychoanalysts. But probably the reader had the opportunity to get acquainted with those, and, even more likely – how little real impact on the situation it did not add … If your house is clearly and often smell burnt wiring, your psychologist will advise you immediately a long list of flavors and fragrances, according to the present case .- before exiting with a high sense dolga.Esli executed to call a spade names, the problem lies in the fact that psychology (and others like it), so to speak, always starts building a house from the roof – with a smooth transition in thin ornamental research. We say more – this is quite remarkable technology devoted an incredible amount of dissertations and other studies is sufficient volume.

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