For attainment of the results, the bibliographical research was used as methodology, of qualitative nature, with emphasis in the deductive boarding. In accordance with Severino (2007), the bibliographical research ' ' she is that one that if carries through from available register, decurrent of previous research, in documents printed matters, as books, articles, teses' '. For better quarrel and agreement of the reached results, this work is described in distinct chapters. In chapter 1, one says on the adolescence and its conceptual, historical and biological aspects. In chapter 2, it is distinguished pregnancy in the adolescence: statistical historicidade, data and factors of risk. In chapter 3, one says on the paper of the nurse in the education and prevention of the pregnancy in the adolescence. In chapter 4, the metodolgicas lines of direction are proven that had lead this study, that they had been based on the bibliographical research.

In the sequncia, in chapter 5, the results and the quarrels of the same ones are presented. The study the one is finished with the conclusions that if arrived, followed of suggestions left for the authors so that new studies are carried through on the performance of the nurse in the education and prevention of the pregnancy in the adolescence, has seen that these are very scarce e, the existing studies does not possess ample aiming for the nursing. One expects that the results reached with this study not only can be of great contribution for the professionals of the nursing team, but, also, for the excessively professional ones of the area of the health, as well as for that to demonstrate interest for the subject. 1 ADOLESCENCE: CONCEPTUAL, HISTORICAL AND BIOLOGICAL ASPECTS 1,1 the ADOLESCENCE AND ITS CONCEPTS AND HISTORICIDADE the adolescence are a phase of the human development that has been very studied for some authors, given to its complexity and spectacular modifications dramatical that they extend the body all.

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