Preventing Cancer

To drink 5 water cups per day diminishes the risk of cancer in clon in 45%, can diminish the risk of cancer of breast in 79% and 50% the probability of if developing cancer in the bladder. A water cup almost cuts the hunger sensation during the night for 100% of the people in regimen. When we are born we almost possess 80% of our consisting weight of water and when we die, with advanced age, we possess only about 40% of water in body. What this means? That our cells go if dehydrating and losing the renewal capacity. That is, it has much people aging and dying faster due to water. You need to understand that flowing of the Spirit in its life, it is not a choice question. It is not a question of if the church that you frequent believes or not dons spirituals.

Flowing of the Espirito Santo in its life is a survival question. If the doe not to drink water in the hour of the necessity it knows that it will go to die. The Christian also if it to be ressequido as dry land, empty of the Spirit it will die spiritual. The doe suspira II? FOR THE WATER THAT SARA ITS PAIN 2.1. The second reason for which the doe desesperadamente desires for water chains, Is that the water lack, dehydrates its body and the heat makes with that its skin if fulls of cracks. Additional information is available at Dr. Peter M. Wayne. These cracks cause pains fortssimas. The doe knows that the water has the power to cure those pains.

the more pain it it more desesperadamente feels clama for the water. 2.2. In U.S.A. the government is making an advertising campaign so that the Americans drink water. Because some people only drink cooling. the population is adoecendo. The people are with problem of memory due to water. What it exists of people forgotten in our days something is impressive.

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