Pregnancy And Childbirth

Nature gave women the opportunity – get pregnant and continue the human race. Pregnancy is a magical state. 9 months a woman carries in itself a nascent life. During this time her body undergoing big change. Nature as if to finish what started making during adolescent maturation. She brings a woman's body to the ideal condition, which is peculiar to each individual woman. During pregnancy woman begins to think differently than before.

In the eyes appears that most women's wisdom. Woman becomes more experienced, develop a sense of intuition. A woman learns to worry not only about themselves but about their children. S have to restrict your diet (do not use something that can harm the child), to abandon such habits as smoking, drinking, walking cautiously. Women always complain that 9 months is too long and burdensome. But not for nothing that nature has appointed just such a term. In most cases, only eight months after a woman really understands what it soon will become a mother. And that's the end of the ninth month of the expectant mother waits their child as never before.

During pregnancy, women characterized by tearfulness. It can upset even the most innocuous and insignificant event. Yet we must try to feel less nervous. It is believed that if pregnancy, many nervous, then the child will be restless. For all 9 months Mommy is gaining an average of 10 pounds. Therefore, at the end of pregnancy, it becomes somewhat clumsy – a weight for it is unusual. But we should not worry about it. Most often gain weight dropped – some with the birth of the child (amniotic fluid, the baby, placenta) and part due to concerns after the birth. During pregnancy, the future mom is often the case in hospital. She will have to take all sorts of tests. Usually mums do not like it, because they do not understand – why they so often take. But in reality it is very important for the health of the child. Simply analyzes the pregnant easy to understand how the child develops and what it lacks. It is therefore very important to the future mom was registered at the gynecologist and the time to dispose of all tests. At least 3 times a pregnant do an ultrasound. First ultrasound – to confirm the fact of pregnancy and to establish its date. Second – Make sure your child is developing normally and no abnormalities. A third ultrasound done in late pregnancy to determine fetal presentation. In this case, drinking water should be only on the first Ultrasound. But when a woman finally take in hand this home a little flashy ball, she will forget about all the troubles that she had gone through during pregnancy. And from that moment, it will be nothing more important than maternal feelings and concerns about your child.

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