Practical Beauty

lunch a. it considers to make its lunch in house and to take it to its office, can be more healthful and economic b. to make a lunch in house between the personnel of the office; that the interested ones participate with ingredients or making the menu 4. ually is spot on. clothes a. a wardrobe is not necessary to have everything in, acquires 1 fashionable piece that you can recycle using it of several ways or combinations b. it buys the clothes that you need, preferably pieces in solid colors that facilitate the multiple combinations c. it takes advantage of the special supplies stores that have quality merchandise (clothes of good quality resist plus the use and the washing) 5. taken care of personal a.

spa between friendly: to blower, manicure, pedicura, face mask, corporal treatments (he is funny and share) 6. purchase of articles by vol. or with discount a. for numerous families it can be of benefit to by vol. make his purchases (several supermarkets and stores have inventory that east intention fulfills) b. to consider to register in groups that trade products of personal care, of health and others which can probably acquire to the cost or with discount and until receives them in its home It does not concern the circumstances, we are happy, and I invite to you to that you are creative and also to that you count your blessings! You can discover that you have more than you create, and that you do not need so much, you only must be a wise administrator.

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