Plastic Surgery

Vain way towards an allusive imaginary destination, or travels scientific of discoveries, the plastic surgery practices more and more in Spain, the country leader in aesthetic surgery in Europe. Andalusia heads the list of independent regions partly where it practices more, because the numbers are swollen by the increasing number of tourists who come to the south to be put under the plastic surgery Seville. To operate to improve the physical appearance is not a new phenomenon; it was practiced like method to reconstruct the nose of people deformed in India at as early times as in the year 2000 a.C, but in the last fifty years it has arisen a new form from plastic surgery, the cosmetic one, that began to gain popularity between famous and rich people in the Eighties. But nowadays the aesthetic operations are not restricted to the social elites, but they more and more propagate by people normal" , a worrisome change for its detractors, and a great step forward for its defenders. It fits to differentiate between the plastic surgery and the aesthetic surgery.

The plastic one takes care of genetic malformations, burned and people who have suffered serious accidents, and nothing else tries to recover and to reconstruct. The cosmetic one tries to embellish of artificial way some part of the body, and is a voluntary medical intervention. Clear that the surgery to that those are put under that have suffered a serious accident is not controversial, which divides the public opinion is the idea to be put under an operation by vanity. But the recent developments in the cosmetic procedures are calming the doubts of their old detractors. What before they were risky and invasive operations now they are more and more safe, and they contribute less sequels. Now the doctors apply treatments less invasive than they leave scars almost invisible, and the medium consumer much more is well informed who for five years thanks to the personal plethora of information and anecdotes that he is by Internet.

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