Parabenfreie Cosmetics

Under the microscope: Parabenfreie and phenoxyethanolfreie cosmetics from cnk * CHRISTINE NIKLAS Cologne, July 22, 2010: the specialist highly effective and natural anti aging face care, cnk * CHRISTINE NIKLAS, informed in the blog about important topics related to skin and facial care, as currently about parabenfreie cosmetics. Just for people who suffer from a Parabenallergie, cnk * CHRISTINE offers a wide range of highly effective products for face care NIKLAS, because all products preservative is not used. This means that all cnk * products are parabenfrei, phenoxyethanolfrei and contain also any other preservative. This applies of course also all used single substances. Nevertheless, the face care products from cnk * CHRISTINE NIKLAS unangebrochen at least 30 months stable. A specially developed innovative technology as well as a balanced formulation of products, make this possible. Another important aspect in the shelf life of the products is the packaging. All products from cnk * CHRISTINE NIKLAS are in hygienic Filled bottles and dispensers.

Both the airless it is beneficial that the finger not containing the product in contact, what represents the greatest danger of germ donors as well when the pump dispensers. In addition, cnk * products are always fresh, as is produced in small batches. Not long there long storage times, but a direct delivery from the manufacturer to the end customer directly through any intermediary. Cnk * CHRISTINE NIKLAS parabenfreie face care is available in the online shop. There you will find detailed information on the individual products. Information about other interesting topics, such as for example UV protection and effective aid against sunburn, there is in the skin blog loves us under

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