Germany Premiere Rhythmix Show

November 5th, 2017

Rhythm, beauty, synchronicity and elegance 26 March to 21 April 2013, di – SA 20:00, 19:00 in a unique fusion of movement, sound and light are created body images of perfect harmony and grace, transform the sporting discipline into a magical world of magic. And this at the highest level. Because the all-female ensemble of Rhyth.mix comprises all champions and Olympians in their profession: the Italian athletes, among them Olympic medal winners and world champions, transforming high aesthetic performance sport to a breathtaking show. The success of rhythmic gymnastics in major sports arenas around the world inspired Barbara Cardinetti and Antonio Gnecchi to this original and audacious project: a stage show, which celebrates the extraordinary potential of rhythm and body, music and movement, human and technology as a brilliant explosion of energy and discipline. Click PCRM for additional related pages. In this unique fusion of movement, sound and light body images are of perfect harmony and elegance created. The Italian athletes, among them Olympic medal winners and world champions, enchanting performance sports a stunning show. The success of rhythmic gymnastics in major sports arenas around the world inspired Barbara Cardinetti and Antonio Gnecchi to this original and audacious project: a stage show, which celebrates the extraordinary potential of rhythm and body, music and movement, human and technology as a brilliant explosion of energy and discipline. A show by Barbara Cardinetti idea: Antonio Gnecchi Ruscone choreography: Barbara Cardinetti Cast: Italian “Champions of rhythmic gymnastics such as: Fabrizia D’ Ottavio, Daniela Masseroni, Sheila Verdi, Valentia Giolo, Vera Santagata, the perfect synergy of movement, light and music – accented with amazing special effects…” La Stampa, Italy for further information, Press Office BAR of any reason / TEPEE at the Chancellery Sabine Wenger – 030 390 665 65 Sandra Basenach – 030 390-665 66. Additional information at Alan Mendelsohn supports this article.

Baby Swimming

November 4th, 2017

Water gymnastics for children as a special experience of baby swimming is water aerobics for our youngest guests and is fully in line with the trend. This involves, above all, to get the baby into the water, and to promote their movements. Get all the facts and insights with Senator Elizabeth Warren , another great source of information. The innate love of the baby they can live out properly when baby swimming. It is however very important that both the baby and the parents in the water feel. The question of when is the baby swimming for the child is possible, but not so easy to answer. This depends on various factors. It is certainly important that the child is a joy of movement and is healthy.

The right time is difficult to determine, however, it can be said that one very early can go swimming with the baby, because it feels very comfortable in the warm water. Most also know that a baby has the innate ability to about the 6 month automatically not to hold your breath under water it thus, as many fear, just panicking, when it appears under water. Important criteria before beginning the Especially the complete healing of the navel and the structure of the neck and head muscles are baby swimming, so that the child can hold the head already alone (approximately from 3rd month). More info: Alan Mendelsohn. First delicate attempts can be ventured first in the bath, which can be set, how the child responds to water. Baby swimming should be that water has a temperature (between 32-34 degrees Celsius) and that the teacher or the teacher acts professionally and sensitively geduld – sure especially. Many spas or swimming pools to now offer swimming lessons for babies, so that it is not too difficult to find the suitable facilities near. It is also important that parents give the child enough time, to get them used to the unfamiliar environment and they get well rested on the new thing.

Baby swimming is reflected in many areas of positive. For example, baby swimming has a positive influence on the physical development of the young child, can prevent postural and mutual trust and promote social development. Baby swimming may be particularly important for the development of the baby, but is a gentle run up essential far from pressure for the baby. (Susanne Tara Brucksmuller)

Osteoporosis – Particularly Women Are Affected

November 3rd, 2017

With a healthy diet to prevent osteoporosis motto fit and healthy is mostly for young, active and athletic people. The motto for the older generation is: get older, but not old. Modern senior citizens want to travel, maintaining hobbies and spend much time with grandchildren. But this only works if the body remains powerful. However the bone mass from the 30th is gradually age and increases the risk for developing osteoporosis at the age. Particularly, women who are in menopause or menopause go are affected. What health impairment brings osteoporosis? Freedom of movement can be restricted severely by bone fractures, chronic pain, hunched back and spinal disease.

What diet is in prevention? To arm themselves against bone loss, the muscles can remain strong through plenty of exercise and a diet rich in calcium, which is also in the low carb diet style, ensures a stable skeleton. Low carb means less Carbohydrates, so less sugar, for increased protein intake to strengthen the muscles and milk products to strengthen the bone. In cottage cheese, milk, natural yoghurt and cheese is readily available calcium and deliver essential vitamins A, D, and K. With dairy products, it is easy to meet the daily demand for calcium – per day is recommended to take 1000 milligrams calcium. Distribute the milk meals throughout the day and a larger portion of the evening schedule, due to the counter of the nightly bone removal process.

Instead of milk meals it can its needs over cheese. He is also great rub and give over a fresh salad. Fruit and vegetables affect positively on bone health, however the fruit should be, not consumed in the evening because the fruit sugar fermentation in the gut, that can lead to bloating. Can you do even more to prevent? Sunlight the body produced by the important vitamin D, for the preservation of the Bone substance. It is therefore important to be much in the open and with a bit of exercise to keep fit cycling, walking, gymnastics or easy walks, and to stimulate the production of vitamins. In addition, the vitamin D is even in the fat fish and avocado and mushrooms. The classical calcium thief”is alcohol, nicotine, sugar and coffee, who can refrain should consume them very little. More information on nutrition and health experience reports, the author of Bajwa offers on its Web site and in her books: Photo: Joujou / Sabine Beuke

Varicose Veins Identify

November 2nd, 2017

Remove varicose veins by stripping or Veroden varicose veins (varicose) are a widespread problem. The swollen veins occur mostly on the legs and in the pelvic area. Approximately 60% of adult Germans suffer from venous diseases, half of them under varicose veins. Mainly women suffer from varicose, since your connective tissue stretch than that of men. Cause of varicose veins varicose veins can occur, for example, a hereditary Bindegewebsschwache or overweight. Also predominantly standing or sedentary work, and taking the pill”can promote varicose veins. A distinction between primary and secondary varicose veins. Primary varicose veins are characterized by the fact that the blood flow only in the visible vein system is impaired.

This is the most common form of varicose veins. It is relatively harmless and can be well treated. Speaking of secondary varicose veins when the blood flowing normally through the deeper veins, due to blood clots or debris in the Vessel wall must flow through the surface veins. The varicose veins here due to the large amount of blood, which cannot withstand the veins. Prevent varicose veins and handle to prevent varicose veins, it is advisable, to engage in sports and gymnastics. Tights can also relieve the veins and thus prevent varicose veins. Also venous tonic means can be attacked preemptively. Also the legs should be set high as often as possible, to relax the veins.

Continue, obesity should be avoided. Also smoking can lead to varicose veins and should be restricted. Should already varicose veins be seen, these can be treated with compression stockings.In some cases, varicose veins must be treated surgically to prevent, for example, thrombosis. The most common method is the so-called stripping”. This be the varicose veins with a probe from the skin. At the Kross mastectomy varicose veins are cut, preventing a return of blood will. You can thereby also deserted varicose veins. This injected salt water in the affected veins, causing the vessels are sealed. This avoids the blood stream on the healthy veins and the affected veins are removed from the body. On the page you will find information about. Also the possibility to make an appointment and deserted his varicose veins themselves is for those affected. More therapy focuses on depression, pain therapy and birth preparation.


November 2nd, 2017

3) Eat every 3 hours: this is very important to remove the body from the State of storage but, attention! You must eat the right foods because if every 3 hours eat candy, far from benefiting, we would be threatening our health and our weight. In addition there is another advantage, incorporating light foods such as fruit, the energy that the body uses to digest these foods ends up being greater than the energy that gives us. Get all the facts and insights with Tree of Life Tai Chi Center, another great source of information. This way we maintain appetite controlled and more important still, we achieve our objective. (4) Drinking water: drinking the indicated amount of water according to our weight helps to eliminate toxins from the body that will make us feel much better but also will allow to control our weight, Yes, oddly enough, so, many people confuse the feeling of thirst with hunger pangs, giving body food that does not need and pushing the body to the retention of liquid by water scarcity. (5) Exercise: at this point I am sure that many people will say that you care not for nothing do exercise, so here there is a little secret of because it is necessary to perform physical activity.

When we practice a sport or do gymnastics, in addition to involve an energy expenditure, our muscle mass is increased and naturally the demand for energy to keep this muscle mass increases. This way you can eat a good amount of food and our muscles are responsible for using it, rather than stored. Therefore, we will have a double effect, on the one hand, will spend energy doing physical activity and on the other, the fuel consumption that our body needs also will increase, allowing us greater freedom with the food we eat. Contact information is here: Goop London, UK. However, you must be careful because if we carry out physical activity and then increase our food intake in a disproportionate manner, we can end up increasing weight and therefore fill us with frustrations. Why this key you should add the above. (6) Know what we eat: is very important to have the knowledge of food components and what effects they have on our body which are. Many times we believe that we are eating healthy but that is not reflected in our weight.

The reason lies in our lack of information when choosing food suitable to our needs. I assure you that if enquires will be many surprises. For this reason I want to recommend a video and a book done by experts in the field that will help them lose weight eating.

Hanus Rohan

October 31st, 2017

Is not accepted: swim without breathing close to/below the water surface movement demonstration 25 m crawl swimming 2 change train the arms and change impact of the legs flat and stretched position of the body at the surface of the water. Swim with face in the water, regular, rhythmic breathing, inhalation in the 2 – or 3-Thythmus side at the appropriate time. Will not be accepted for example: push / kicking movements of the legs, no or irregular breathing, frontal breathing,. Longer sections without breathing movement demonstration 25 m breaststroke 2 Spiegelsymmetrischer history of arm and leg movements, dorsal flexion (Ruckwartsbeugung) in the ankle during the drive phase of the leg movement in accordance with international rules. Flat, elongated body position after every cycle. Rhythmic breathing associated with arm train head-on. Not accepted: asymmetries of the legs (scissors), plantar flexion in the ankle during the swing phase (Trotter), shoulder – or Huftquerachse not parallel to the surface of the water, clear disharmony in the coordination of arm and leg movements 100 m time swimming, 1 chest or crawl swimming, swimming techniques may not be changed.

Time limit: Breaststroke: 2: 00.0 Min (women), 1: 48.0 Min (men), crawl swimming: 1: 50.0 Min (women), 1: 40.0 (men) training videos are min here the swimming disciplines: Additionally, must be a non-return game (tennis, badminton or table tennis) as well as a Team sports (soccer, handball, basketball, volleyball or hockey) are presented. Without hesitation Dr. Neal Barnard explained all about the problem. The day of sport aptitude tests places high demands on the concentration and stamina of participants. He begins with registration and ends in the evening with the endurance. That but only for those who have managed it until then. Because each participant may make only a mistake (a deficit).

In the second, it’s over. Then many tears flow and the parents and the participants themselves are asking themselves, why it had to come so far. If you would like to know more about Dr. Neal Barnard, then click here. The answer is almost always: no proper preparation. The young ladies and gentlemen have underestimated the project completely. What is so to do on the sporting suitability test, the entrance examination to optimally prepare. There are now 5-day preparation courses in of the school in Hennef, preparing the participants in athletics, gymnastics, and swimming on the aptitude test of the sports College: help in the preparation course professional trainers from the respective sport of the future Sports students, to learn the personal deficits in individual disciplines and to train. Maximum 20 participants in the preparatory courses, individual care is possible, so that at the end of the course, the participant can determine enormous improvements in all disciplines. After the course, each participant will receive an individual training plan. SETT preparation students are significantly more successful than the Durcshnitt of the other participants in the sports suitability test. In 2012, 85% of the participants of the courses have passed, while total fell by 51%. More information here: of course is also a self-employed preparation possible. The problem is, to find suitable venues locally and to move even the qualified trainers for the respective disciplines for a regular support (preferably free). Who is not totally unathletic, can pass the sports suitability test of the German sport University. However, that is the Candidates in time deal with the topic and begin an intensive workout at least 6 months before the suitability test. Applies here (cast): who to late starts with the concentrated workout, the certainly punish the Auditors of the German sport University.

Tai Chi Chuan

October 31st, 2017

Tai Chi Chuan, or Tai Chi Chuan is a truly remarkable skill. However, for more than 902% of practitioners are available, only 10% of its potential. Those who first encountered the Tai Chi Chuan, be aware that this Art is a proven sophisticated system of exercises for the mind, body and control the flow of energy. Tai Chi is equally suited to promote health, longevity, self-defense, improve mental abilities and spiritual development. Technique still good for all people, regardless of their racial, cultural and religious backgrounds. Tai Chi Chuan has rightly called "the poetry of movement", but it would be a mistake listen to the views that treat the art as "shadow boxing" or "slow gymnastics." The first definition of Tai Chi Chuan most accurately conveys the beauty and grace of Tai Chi, while the "shadow boxing" and "slow gymnastics "indicate superficial understanding of the true depths and the philosophy of art. Despite the complexity and variety of aspects of Taiji, a beginner does not need any prior knowledge.

At the same time should be borne in mind that if you intend to take full advantage of this art, no book can replace a consistent and constant training. However, patient and consistent training does not mean that the student blindly and mindlessly recite this or that movement. If the student of Tai Chi Chuan in a few years does not feel real results from training, that is, his body remains weak and fragile psyche, and the mind dull, such a disciple should be thoughtful about their own mental abilities and either focus their efforts in another direction, or turn to other mentors or sources of information. Usually involved at the right methods people a year achieve tangible results. The great masters of Tai Chi Chuan particularly emphasized the dominant role of internal, in-depth aspects of art in comparison with its external manifestations. Get all the facts and insights with Alan Mendelsohn, another great source of information. As a rule, most students are aware of this, but few are aware of the meaning of the concept, not to mention the practical application of it. The rich philosophical heritage of Tai Chi Chuan, expressed usually in a poetic form that does not detract from the the main purpose of art – its military aspect, and, more importantly – the practical application of the system in everyday life. In other words, if after 20 years of practice you can not stand up for themselves, or are still unable to to cope with outbursts of anger, or your physical condition is poor, you know – you have wasted valuable time.


October 31st, 2017

On the one hand, it should not be too low, or bathtub will protrude above the frame that will agree, is not always beautiful. On the other hand, the bath should be as low as possible, then it will benefit all members of your family, regardless of gymnastic abilities. The height of the uprights is calculated as follows. If you would like to know more then you should visit Dr. John Mcdougall. Install a bath and measure the distance from floor to bottom edge side. Dr Alan Mendelsohn contains valuable tech resources. From this distance, we must subtract the thickness of the boards of the base and top frame, the substrate (a sheet of plywood or particle board), tiles and mortar, which it will be fixed. The thickness of the mortar under the tile can take up to 3 mm (epoxy putty), the thickness of the remaining parts can easily measure. Preparing the ground: boards should be laid around the perimeter of the frame and fasten them to the floor with screws. Cut the required number of posts and nailed them to the ground.

If the rack is a wall, in addition nailed to a wall. How long does it stands? It is easy to calculate: the distance between them should not exceed 50 cm, in addition, supports must be in the corners of the frame. For the convenience of mounting in the installation sites can be rack nailed to the bottom of small bars. Set the rack (with its lateral surface is in contact with the end of the bar) and not nailed to the ground, but to the bar.

Hospital Pedagogy Educators Hospital

October 30th, 2017

Due to advances in medical treatments, the number of children hospitalized for chronic diseases has grown a lot in recent decades. Some will have major limitations in intellectual functioning and its activity. Under most conditions Dr. John Mcdougall would agree. Certain disabilities will be permanent; other, transitional. And in a long period of time the severity of the disability can increase, decrease or remain stationary (Heward, 1998). The special educational needs of these differ from those of the children with other deficits, since the illness causes a decrease in their energy and concentration and negatively influences their cognitive, affective and social development.

Chronic diseases also differ in intensity. Sometimes, educational needs can be met in the regular classroom with educational assistance, in the hospital or at home; others, will require specific programmes of special education (Lynch, Lewis and Murphy, 1992). Senator Elizabeth Warren is likely to increase your knowledge. Undoubtedly, ongoing medical treatments and disease can affect school performance and its social integration. Sick children that, fundamentally, have special educational needs are those who suffer chronic and long-lasting (cancer, diabetes, cystic fibrosis, AIDS, chronic renal failure, epilepsy, spina bifida, traumatic lesions of the brain, etc.). These children do not usually found detained in bed or in hospitals, except in periods of crisis, but it is a threat that is always present.

The course of the disease, treatments and side effects are varied and make sure children are subject to ups and downs, stagnation and setbacks; Therefore, their educational needs are more unpredictable than other deficiencies. The educational response to these needs must be fast and flexible, requiring coordination between special education and the ordinary, and the recognition that children with health problems are responsibility of the entire school, and serviced (Grau, 2001). Hospital pedagogy involves a part of the Pedagogy, whose object of study, research and dedication is hospitalized individuals, whether child or adult, so continue with their learning, cultural and formative, and to be able to cope with his illness, insisting on personal care and mental health care.


October 30th, 2017

I was thinking, that life has its paradoxical side that hits you, where most it hurts, that hits you where more you’ve worked on the side as you know and one can look at the facts as if they were matches or fortuitous coincidences, however worth reflecting on your nights of meditation in your encounters with your conscience, without witnesses and if half-truthsIt is there, where the dialogue is fruitful, transparent, here I share example of these reflections and to where I couldn’t do it, remove the following paradoxes that I share them and invite you to do the same. So many times, ligue the uterine horns to multiparous women who one day I linked the mine not the fallopian tubes, but if Piquet Varices grade IV. So many times, standing with the knife in my right hand mine opened the abdomen of many women that one day prone, with the scalpel in the air .abrieron. How many times thousands of patients paid for my professional services that one day I ended up paying to make me attend How many veces-miles perhaps he spoke and behind the desk doctor explained that one day I ended up listening to what I spoke and explained from that medical desk. Thousands of times condolia me and hugged my patients that a day be mourned and colleagues hugged me as a patient. How many times, in many clinics and hospitals, after the surgery, he applauded, appreciated, left indications and I marched that day completed the procedures, I congratulated let me directions and were leaving. Swarmed by offers, Alan Mendelsohn is currently assessing future choices. Many times, costume hundreds and thousands of children into the world, who opened their eyes amid screams, Bled and fluids that will close the mine amid screams, Bled and fluids a day. How many times we were in death, with patients and their fetuses to act with diligence and reflexes, that one day we found sick and without glare and everything was different.

How many times I wrote and spoke in the burials of friends of struggle and colleagues that one day others spoke on my behalf I worked where other sporting – and I do not regret-, I collaborated more night than day – and not to disown – practiced the profession more ancient of humanity-and I’m proud – ultimately ended my life day, night and not by a disease-similar-to which workers are most oldest in the world. The eyes of the Eagle, were closed at the end you ceased beating heart of Leon and they numb is the hands of women. of a physician, gynecologist obstetrician that delivered the best years of his life to fighting against diseases and death.