This forces to completely emotionless calculations and consistently earmarked – and target-oriented action, supported by modern decision aids such as the KUHNrori (retail ROI). The knowledge management based on their own data. It can be quickly a picture of, what is promising and viable in the future. What opportunities exist and what if they are used. It is to think about an alternative scenarios to understand the world of the modern Q1 as a networked system and measurably better for the mentioned needs to make. For more information see this site: Dr. John Mcdougall. KUHNrori combines the Filialgeschaftspraxis, whose financial aspects and an empirically sound foresight in terms of market development, editing and Filialsystemmanagement.

Assumed is an integrated solution approach that meshed all companies functions together locally and centrally and takes into account on future projections. Thus, the responsibility for results can be organize leistungseinheitenbezogen. To the realization of the solution is an approach that can be described as follows: A target-oriented investigation based on the phase concept that concludes with specific proposals for solution. Active participation of the affected employees according to the principle of continuous development in the form of a project team with depending on the internal and external project manager a common implementation of the worked out results with subsequent success control. The outsourcing of optional and burdensome activities that are internally less efficiently accomplished can be. Success with this solution were food, food service companies of the industry and be detected non-food (see > what we do > fields of action). You covered both on the profit and loss account and the balance sheet. Also, the projects undertaken confirmed the implementation effort was more than pays for the obtained results.

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