Osteoporosis – Particularly Women Are Affected

With a healthy diet to prevent osteoporosis motto fit and healthy is mostly for young, active and athletic people. The motto for the older generation is: get older, but not old. Modern senior citizens want to travel, maintaining hobbies and spend much time with grandchildren. But this only works if the body remains powerful. However the bone mass from the 30th is gradually age and increases the risk for developing osteoporosis at the age. Particularly, women who are in menopause or menopause go are affected. What health impairment brings osteoporosis? Freedom of movement can be restricted severely by bone fractures, chronic pain, hunched back and spinal disease.

What diet is in prevention? To arm themselves against bone loss, the muscles can remain strong through plenty of exercise and a diet rich in calcium, which is also in the low carb diet style, ensures a stable skeleton. Low carb means less Carbohydrates, so less sugar, for increased protein intake to strengthen the muscles and milk products to strengthen the bone. In cottage cheese, milk, natural yoghurt and cheese is readily available calcium and deliver essential vitamins A, D, and K. With dairy products, it is easy to meet the daily demand for calcium – per day is recommended to take 1000 milligrams calcium. Distribute the milk meals throughout the day and a larger portion of the evening schedule, due to the counter of the nightly bone removal process.

Instead of milk meals it can its needs over cheese. He is also great rub and give over a fresh salad. Fruit and vegetables affect positively on bone health, however the fruit should be, not consumed in the evening because the fruit sugar fermentation in the gut, that can lead to bloating. Can you do even more to prevent? Sunlight the body produced by the important vitamin D, for the preservation of the Bone substance. It is therefore important to be much in the open and with a bit of exercise to keep fit cycling, walking, gymnastics or easy walks, and to stimulate the production of vitamins. In addition, the vitamin D is even in the fat fish and avocado and mushrooms. The classical calcium thief\”is alcohol, nicotine, sugar and coffee, who can refrain should consume them very little. More information on nutrition and health experience reports, the author of Bajwa offers on its Web site and in her books: Photo: Joujou / pixelio.de Sabine Beuke

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