Oncology Smoke

. 8: 13 in the morning, 2 degrees of temperature, a long, bleak and endless hallway. Hardly see a small light .in the aisle (of death) you\’re just waiting for your doctor, you are in one Hospital any Oncology section, you are planning the rest of your days, your life now consists of planning your death is curious… more than two years ago that I don\’t smoke and I\’ve never wanted to do it again (I was smoker for 22 years). I personally know pulmonologists who smoke! to cardiologists who smoke in his Office, to psychiatrists (don\’t know that they will do now with the new law in Spain) know people working in radiotherapy and smoke! .they do not know how to quit smoking they are great professionals in medicine, but do not know how to quit. They should know better than anyone that there is no smoking, but this issue of tobacco is very enigmatic, until one no understands why we have forced to smoke from small and staff found an own reason to leave to do so, still smoking the rest of his life until the day they die smoking, simply because you don\’t know how to quit all smokers know at the bottom of his conscience that make cousin they not felt no need to quit before attachment to this drug. The part that bothers them most is that sense that people laugh at them (is hard to not laugh when it raises the price of tobacco) smokers are intelligent human beings! and rational. They know that they are running a few huge risks with their health (and their families), you know that throughout his life are spent a fortune on tobacco.Therefore, they need to find a rational explanation (excuse) to justify such risks and not lose your dignity not am a doctor, I have just the ability to teach people to stop getting carcinogenic products in the form of cigarette in its own bodies. You tell yourself to quit smoking now! A hug to all and Merry Christmas!

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