Nutritional Disorders

Often, attempts to quick and by all means get rid of excess weight lead to serious mental disorders and eating disorders such as bulimia, anorexia and ortoreksiya. Endocrinologist is the source for more interesting facts. Bulimia nervosa (Wolf hunger kinoreksiya) – signs of eating disorders are severe and sudden attacks of hunger, which may be accompanied by weakness and even fainting and pain in the pit of the stomach. Often these are accompanied by food binges attempts to limit calories obtained by provoked by vomiting or taking laxatives. Excessive eating and forced treatment of stomach, coupled with weak nervous system, or nature, can lead to serious complications from neurasthenia, the destruction of relationships with loved ones and loss of interest in life, and until the drug or drug dependence, and death. Bulimia can also cause acute cardiac failure.

Treatment of eating disorders should be comprehensive and take place under the supervision of a physician, psychotherapist, psychiatrist. Anorexia nervosa – a pathological desire to lose weight and, consequently, reduce of food intake. Most often this manifests itself in eating disorders teenage girls obsessed with the ideals of good shape. A similar ideals spread through the media, advertising, etc. A characteristic feature of anorexia nervosa is a distorted perception of their physical form and there is concern about weight gain, even if this is not really there. In the treatment of anorexia nervosa key elements are to improve physical health, behavioral, cognitive and family therapy. Pharmacotherapy at best a supplement to other forms of psychotherapy.

Ortoreksiya – it eating disorders were identified in recent years. It is characterized by an obsession to eat only healthy foods only. As a result of suffering from this disease starts to eat only vegetables and freshly fruit. Thus, it deprives your body of necessary substances and items that can not affect the state of health. The number of people pathologically addicted to healthy food is growing rapidly. This is especially characteristic of Western countries.

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