Newton Mirror

There is a system refractor, "apochromat", which has a shorter length of tube (focus), but facing more expensive. This type of Telescopes are often used for astrophotography. Refractor telescopes are useful for monitoring the open space and is not suitable for observation from the balcony or window. Although to be honest, to observe with an open windows advise basically – difference room temperature and outside creates turbulence airflows that strongly distort picture. Observed through a closed window, in principle, is not recommended. Thanks to the ease of handling refractory system for the azimuth mount is well suited to children. Refractors are not so sensitive to temperature, in contrast to the mirror optical system teleskopov.Reflektory example of the reflectors is Newton's system, which drastically differs from refractors.

In the role of the lens here is a mirror, a curved rear pipe. Make a mirror is easier than the lens, so the same reflector telescopes diameter of the lens will be much cheaper that the refractor. Reflectors generally mounted on an equatorial mount, which is not suitable for children, but at the same time has the best functionality and comfort for prolonged observations, than the azimuthal. These telescopes can also be installed to mount the Dobson and cheap little suitable for navigation and precise observations. Mirrors are covered with a thin reflective layer, and therefore requires caring attitude. The system is very afraid of frequent sudden changes of temperature. After watching recommend putting a telescope into the case to protect the mirror and other parts of the tube, the mount of the condensate.

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