New Health Awareness

LOHAS evolve through the Web 2.0 to foodies and gourmet guides. Munich, 13.09.2012 our world has developed into a dynamic lifestyle. The typical nine to five\’ job has been replaced long time ago according to trend researcher Corinna Langwieser through a dynamic labor market. A process which is reflected in the needs of the people. Compared to 2005 is always greater than the need for friendship, leisure and health.

On the other hand, classic values such as religion or family with a taste of a commitment, stubbing out dramatically. The cause provides trend researcher Langwies in the method for each individual personality. Which, unlike a few years ago, women are no longer as a homemaker or parent viewed. No, they are synonymous with multitasking and must bring child, household and professional under a hat. Experienced business women try one at a time to carry out therefore no longer work processes. On the contrary, they are long since reached at the interface to take care of everything in one wipe. Many people have namely just almost no time more for himself/herself or a healthy and balanced diet. Only the drug industry benefits from this development.

In the form of construction and Gesundheitsshakes is the workaholics that such vitamin drink as a day meal ranges or homeopathic remedies, a burn-out can prevent faked. More and more followers of the lifestyle of health and sustainability (LOHAS) register in the form of blog or forum comments to Word and type the word health consciousness\”a whole new meaning. \”\” LOHAS are out with their previous day foodies are in \”in the Munich ISAR gold gourmet restaurant\” of the TV – star chef Martin Baudrexel, trend researcher Langwieser provides us with the new lifestyle healthy and above. The LOHAS, which stood as a symbol for healthy and sustainable diet, in recent years more in the background were becoming new health professionals is through the new Web 2.0 and the increasing time pressure.

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