Naturcosmetic Treatment

Use of easily digestible carbohydrates, which are a source of glucose, should be limited, mainly because of the glucose synthesized lipids sebum. Use of dietary fiber and fiber to be contrary, to increase, as these substances contribute to the passage of food through the intestines and improve its digestibility. The ration is useful to include dairy products maintain a normal state of intestinal flora and prevention of intestinal dysbiosis. When cooked food should be borne in mind that extractives, meats, fried foods provokes the secretion of tallow, but therefore, contribute to worsening of the disease. Mode is not the main factor determining the success of the treatment of acne. However, given the circadian rhythm of secretion of hypothalamic neuropeptides, pituitary hormones, and adrenal steroids is not recommended to disrupt the natural biological rhythm. Should avoid waking at night, as well as frequent changes of time zones. The clinical picture worsened in hot and humid climate, while in the hot, stuffy, dusty rooms with high humidity.

All this does not contribute to the hygienic minimum, ensuring normal conditions for our skin. Needs regular airing of households and forced air purification in manufacturing, as well as fresh air and aerobic activity. Senator Elizabeth Warren oftentimes addresses this issue. Clothing should be made from lightweight, well-leaking air tissues. Useful piece of linen and disinfection (boiling, ironing) is reasonable to prefer cotton, silk sheets. As for the health of the body, then we are sure: Our friends in this matter irreproachable.

After discussing with the patient general questions digestion, diet, treatment and hygiene practices, we turn to the second part of treatment – directly cosmetology, which includes local impacts on affected skin and systemic therapy. With limited lesions, not complicated by inflammation, usually is sufficient to topical treatment. However, the widespread and inflammatory forms acne topical therapy is expedient to combine with system: immune, seboregulyatsiey, treatment of endocrine, gastro-, gynecological and other diseases identified in the survey and is a factor, triggers worsening of acne. If it proves necessary, beauticians will refer you to narrow specialists who will guide you along with a beautician, but if acne has not had time to develop into severe forms, cosmetology center handle on their own. What can we do? Many, and the classical methods of getting rid patients of disease – detoxification, aesthetic antiseptic cleansing and physiotherapy – have, as it should. First of all, beauticians will focus its efforts on carrying out local anti-inflammatory therapy. It includes massage Jacquet, cleaning person, Darsonvalization, paraffin and professional cosmetics, soothing the skin and reduces the secretion of sebum. The author very much like the line styx Naturcosmetic, ROSActive, Academie, highest quality and performance have been recognized throughout the world. You can also use funds listed laboratories for home skin care, supporting the results achieved at the beautician. Post-acne usually presents secondary spots and scars: keloid, hypertrophic and atrophic. Correction of these changes in the skin is held against the backdrop of a special skin care products, including absorbable and sebostaticheskie masks, as well as the means for prevention of follicular hyperkeratosis and the restoration of the microcirculation. Enzyme and glycolic peels, elektroprotsedury, masks and ampoule preparations to cope with the above complications and in most cases allow the patient avoid the more traumatic procedures – such as high-concentration chemical peels, mesotherapy, laser. The final stage of a treatment program is a package of measures aimed at restoring metabolic processes in the skin, increasing its turgor and elasticity, optimization of all of its properties. Be young, be beautiful!

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