Natural Cosmetics LCN OGNX

\”Wilde Cosmetics News: LCN receives Allo BDIH seal hand and nail care series for the new OGNX and donates 50 cents sold OGNX product for the argan tree threatened by extinction in Morocco Oestrich-Winkel amber argan oil as liquid gold of Morocco, in October 15, 2009\” known is one of the rarest and most expensive oils in the world and is obtained from the fruit of the argan tree. The Berber women of Morocco, who are mainly responsible for the harvest and production of oil, swear by for decades on the precious oil as a beauty secret. For the natural cosmetics, the argan oil is particularly attractive because it contains about 80% unsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants. The first of LCN developed bio-certified natural cosmetic line LCN OGNX hand and nail care argan is excellent due to its exclusively natural ingredients designed to the needs of demanding skin. This precious jojoba, olive oil, extracts of medicinal plants harmonize calendula and Shea butter and high-quality argan oil in a unique combination of active ingredients.

LCN OGNX stands for LCN Organics all used plants, herbs and oils come from controlled organic cultivation. Consistent adherence to the guidelines made it possible to the certification of the LCN OGNX series by the BDIH (Federal Association of German industry and trade company for medicines, reform products, nutritional supplements and personal care products e.V.). There are manicured hands of one of the most important features for a perfect appearance. But every day they are particularly claimed. The LCN OGNX hand and nail care series Allo donates with precious ingredients from 100 percent organic care substances rich moisture, smoothes small wrinkles and makes skin again soft and supple. All LCN OGNX hand care products are free from mineral oils, Parabens, silicones and synthetic dyes and fragrances. Wellness is the fast absorbing and pleasantly scented LCN OGNX for sore hands for multiple, daily use hand cream ideal soft argan.

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