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The Mediterranean diet is defined by professionals as a quintessential healthy eating pattern, since through it gets a full from all the food groups, and balanced combination providing you our body all the nutrients it needs. Our Mediterranean diet is perhaps the dietary and nutritional concept more diffused between the scientific community, this is due to numerous basic, clinical and epidemiological studies have led us to consider it as a protective factor against a large number of diseases. According to the latest European survey of health 2009, published by the National Institute of statistics (INE), some six million Spaniards older than 18 (17%) have obesity problems, almost 2% more than in 2008 (15.6%), and 36.6% overweight, more than 1% more than the previous year (37.8%). For more specific information, check out endocrinologist. Experts say that the main cause of this unstoppable rise in obesity and overweight in our country are due to sedentary lifestyle and the progressive estrangement of the population with regard to the Mediterranean diet, the diet of our ancestors. The abandonment of the Mediterranean diet and thus greater consumption of processed foods industry rich in salt and undesirable fats, is firing the incidence of illnesses caused by obesity such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and even certain types of cancer. With these data on the table we cannot avoid asking some questions why have I abandoned this diet? No it is a real pleasure for our palate? Is the new type of power than the traditional more pleasant? Or is simply due to problems of time today, do not allow a traditional diet? In the next articles we will see in detail all the features of the Mediterranean diet, its history, its culinary techniques and discuss the main food groups that compose it in order to emphasize once again the magnificent properties that this diet is for our health. Awareness of the Spanish population with healthy eating, will mean an effective preventive method against diseases that brings with it the excess weight.

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