Nacionalde Program Control

It can be disclosed during after internaoou the high one, since that related to the internment or the hospital procedures. Currently, the IH concept is more including when if complete the infecoadquirida one during the assistance to the patient in a system of not internment, noatendimento in ambulatory or doctor\’s offices. In the context of the infections, hgrande difference between these hospitalized patients. To emphasize the control dainfeco in ambulatorial assistance, is necessary not to display opaciente unnecessary the inherent risks to the internment and microbiota hospitalar.15.1 the Importance of the Knowledge About the Actions of the PNCIHO Brazil comes having a great advance in what it says respect to the health of the serhumano being landmarks of history and the hospital infection and has been reason depreocupao inside and outside of the hospitals, therefore the index of deaths comes crescendomuito of the hospital environment inside, tonando? if the biggest cause of deaths inside eat exactly is of the hospital. The Health department initiated taken of measures of prevention and control hospital dainfeco in Brazil, in century XIX with the creation of a Nacionalde Program Control of Infeco Hospitalar (PNCIH), which is used until today as fontede security for prevention and control with simple boarding.

It is a great desafiomuito them destined teams to take care of of the subject, therefore it has a granderesistncia of the professionals of health of all the areas in relation to the collective higienepessoal and well-taken care of generalities, that are the primordial factors for one melhorcontrole and even though the extermnio of the infection inside and outside of the hospitals. For estemotivo it is of total importance the knowledge of the PNCIH and its action for we quetenhamos one better performance and performance for a worthy attendance and comqualidade for the service of Historical health brasileiro.5.2 of the Hospital Infections in the BrasilAo to approach the description of the control of infection in Brazil, we can constatarvrias you would carry instituted between the years of 1972 the 1976, that they define the creation eestruturao of the Commissions of Control of Infeco Hospitalar (CCIH), noshospitais of the National Institute of Previdncia Social (INPS), thus generating the marcoinicial of the studies in control of hospital infection in pas.2Em 24 of May of 1983, the Ministry of Health publishes would carry it 196, thus bringing a great profit in history of the hospital infections, therefore it would talportaria defines that all hospital would have from this year, to constitute a CCCIH, eque the fiscalization would be in charge of the State Secretaries of Sade..

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