Mother Earth

The horse is the animal that better represents the resistance, but also can be difficult to control. Thus the spirit of the horse, when it is our animal of being able, will indicate a noticeable preference to us by the trips, or are physical or astral, where we will confront the different challenges with bravery and seguridad.CETCEOS: DelfnLos cetaceans is distinguished for being mammalian that live in the sea. Thus the spirit of the dolphin, will represent the dominion of the life, the reproduction and creation and even of the sexuality. The extreme sensitivity demonstrated by the dolphin, shows his capacity to perceive the balance of the nature. His demonstrated to intelligence and the development of an falsified system of auditory signals, used it as much communication as to find the food, makes appear like the most intelligent animal.

The dolphin is agile, quick, graceful and mainly very juguetn. These particularitities are those that the spirit of the dolphin will transmit through animal of being able for knowing how to confront the life with elegance, impartiality and skill. The spirit of the dolphin would teach to find the way, the wisdom, to be even-tempered and balances to us, that is to say to use the freedom, and mainly that is to say to apply the powers of the water and the breathing. REPTILES: Turtle the spirit of the Turtle is identified with the Mother Earth, as therefore the old Indians of Amrica.La told it in their legend turtle does not need to remain in a same place, because he runs his house with himself, which allows him not to feel attachment towards the place where he lives. It allows to find new opportunities there him by where it goes. The turtle it acts with passivity before the external attacks, to defend itself is enough to him with hide-and-seek within its shell and to hope to that it passes the danger. The spirit of the turtle offers a quality of life, a balance to us between the Earth and the sky, the physicist and material and the spiritual. He will contribute the capacity to us to have the patience necessary in the life as well as to know our own limits. He will contribute the security of knowing how to us to defend without violence and the confidence to us in we ourself. Sight some of the qualities of the animal of being able, now we can do an idea to us of how benefitting to us from them and using them in passing of our life.

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