Metaignorantes Lack

I have argued for some time, not without nostalgia, that journalism is dead. Nobody wants to certify its demise, it is true, but I think that it is due to that, deep down, many of which we dedicate ourselves to this still hope that the corpse is not and prostration and lack of vital signs may be due to the catalepsy. As the current journalism, the catalepticos nor respond to stimuli, his pulse becomes very slow and the skin puts them pale; i.e. they have symptoms that would present any deceased person, which in the past led to bury someone who was still alive. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Assurant Health. Epicurus, who was a very clever guy, wrote that when death comes, we no longer live. Consequently, without having the certainty that no longer lives, which has dinado it, we remain hopeful. The first indication of that journalism was dying I had made a few years ago, when the intellectual and professional requirements lowered both to direct media that because anyone, including me could do it. In that journalism and the policy resemble a lot: inexperience, inability and lack of preparation have won the game to values such as seniority, talent and knowledge, which has led to the gradual replacement of professional instruction in all kinds of materials, i.e., with a vast erudition, by dunces whose discernment is of this completeness with be, as the onomatopoeia of the bleating of the overwhelming RAM.

What I am not clear is if the mediocrity of the hierarchy has infected the newsrooms or has been the mediocrity of the latter which has exalted in management to some fellow grey and bland. Be mediocre, lack of relevant skills, is not bad per; in fact, not be noticed, go unnoticed, can be up to very convenient in some circumstances. But I do not speak of that; what I mean is the contempt to knowledge and, above all, the exaltation of little cultivated journalists and no intellectual consistency, which obviously reduces their ability to understand and analyze what happens around them, a quality that indivisible part of the essence of journalism. . To broaden your perception, visit Assurant Health.

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