Mental Attitude

Instead of preocuparte by how you see or as you are listened to, or on if you are impressing your listeners, it concentrates your energy in obtaining that the public understands what you mean. In other words, asegrate of which your listeners are following the order of your exhibition and understand your ideas. He pays much attention to his nonverbal communication. If they shine confused, he explains the concept again or he adds another example. An exhibitor who concentrates soon in the public forgets to be nervous. 6. He uses Material of Support. The support material makes your public easier to pay attention and increases your confidence like exhibitor.

It causes that it is practically impossible that you forget your main points. If no you are safe of the following point, you only need to review the support material that follows. In addition, the use of materials of support like posters, real defeat folios, presentations by computer or objects, not only can add attractive to your presentation, also can mantenerte totally concentrate in your exhibition, reason why your preoccupation on your appearance will be smaller. 7. It develops Positive a Mental Attitude. With positive imagination, you can develop a positive, real and detailed image mental of same you. When you visualize speaking with confidence, you become safer. In your mind, you can simulate the feelings (of satisfaction, for example), even when that real situation does not exist.

Obvious, the positive images in case single they will not give the result you that you wish unless you prepare yourself and you practice your exhibition. The positive thought and the mental images can be used in many aspects of the life. They can help to handle the nerves us in the work interviews, discussions for resolution of problems, situations of test, or any other circumstance in which our confidence needs an impulse. In order to be successful when speaking in public, you have visualizarte same like a successful exhibitor. It will not don\’t mention it serve to the disposition, the stimulus, or the practice to you to be successful, if you feel that you are somebody nervous or ineffective one. It remembers: It learns to dominate the nerves to have them under control, not to eliminate them. salos to your favor, thanks to them you will be more alert and kind. Sentir nerves is normal, that they notice to you is fatal . Tuscan Victor.

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