Medicine Cabinet

The medpex mail order pharmacy gives you tips for the correct compilation of the medicine cabinet to injuries and immediately to be able to treat mild conditions, different medicines and dressing materials in each household should be found. But what is in the well stocked medicine cabinet, where keeps you best and what is generally to be observed. The medpex mail order pharmacy provides answers. The most important first and foremost: serves the home pharmacy to provide minor injuries and to treat mild diseases. Serious injuries and diseases should be treated by a doctor the preparations from the medicine cabinet are then no more than to the primary care.

What belongs in the medicine cabinet? In addition to medications, the doctor prescribed permanently taken must be, are following pharmaceuticals in a well-stocked medicine cabinet: remedy for pain and fever medicines for coughs, colds, and sore throat remedy for digestive problems such as bloating, diarrhea or constipation ointment applied at strains, sprains or bruises Wound disinfection as well as fire and wound gel against insect bites for wound care are recommended following surgical dressings in house pharmacy: sterile compresses, sterile dressings shawl elastic bandages, gauze bandages Association clips and safety pins, adhesive plaster, Pflasterstripes wound quick Association / Association made subsequent AIDS should also always at hand be: fever thermometer disposable gloves tweezers and tick tweezers/card cooling compresses/hot water bottle first aid bandage scissors instructions overview of important phone numbers is important to observe the instructions for storage. The warm, moist bathroom is not the ideal place for medicines and dressing material. Also ensure that as children have no free access to the medicine cabinet. Also should the home pharmacy is regularly inspected, cleaned up and completed. Appropriate times for the check are the beginning of summer and the beginning of the common. Drugs stored in its original packaging includes leaflet. Of course she must be Selfcare each be adapted to the inpiduellen requirements in the home, such as children or the elderly in the budget living. Under, you can order the products online. The wide range of medpex mail order pharmacy includes also wellness products, cosmetics, contact lenses and all animal health in addition to medicines and drugs. medpex mail order pharmacy

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