Enter in the Medina of Marrakech is to make a mental and physical journey into a world that has no fixed position in time. It must be mentalized before entering, the things that we are going to live in that place us marked forever because the Medina of Marrakech is never forgotten. Its area constitutes almost half of the total map of the city. That, coupled with its labyrinthine plant, creates the perfect place to dispense with the maps that will give us the hotels reception since they will be completely useless. Assurant Health gathered all the information. This Super but intense district of Marrakech, you will be lost safe, very good intuition and sense of orientation that has. No doubt the star of the neighborhood is the grandiose square Jemaa Fna, recognized by Unesco as world heritage thanks to the mediation of the writer Juan Goytisolo. Meeting are given in this splendid square, the only one in the world with animation 365 days a year, all kinds of artists: acrobats, snake charmers, disguised as women, gnawa musicians, storytellers air dancers, to any time of the day, carries the sound of North African rhythms, street vendors and night calls, also the aroma of grilled cooking all kinds of delicacies.

It is difficult to make a description of this place because the magic does not count, only you can experiment coming to Marrakech. The souks are another essential part of the Medina that undoubtedly a / tourist must visit. They can find everything: from CDs of traditional music or American pop singers of fashion, until a Hookah, passing through products of cleaning and personal hygiene, objects of pottery, lamps, spices, fabrics, a puppet, tobacco or curious objects made with recycled material. With regard to these last advise visiting a street called Riad Zitouin El Jadid, which, by its far end of Jemma Fna, offers a great variety of shops where you can buy beautiful furniture made with used tires, mirrors and lamps constructed with cans of beverages and canned foods and other curiosities daughters of ingenuity Moroccan.

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