Kiryat Yam Against Google

The israeli city of Kiriat Yam would sue Google Internet giant, by erroneous information that is published on your site Google Earth. The site allows to view satellite images of almost all over the world and delivers information details of them. The Mayor Shmuel Siso said that I would be looking to sue Google because that is no longer frowned upon the city as reported today by the israeli newspaper Maariv. The information published by Google says that Kiriat Yam was built on an Arab village and its residents were expelled. Kiriat Yam was built by members of a Kibbutz survivors of the Holocaust on land that had never before been used. Jewish immigrants who built the place worked in industry and in the port of Haifa. Siso told Maariv that Kiriat Yam is in a process of growth and tourist advance against all institutions worldwide and this information (which publishes Google) causes us serious damage. Siso fears that this information for some time in the search engine more important in the world and that in this way damages the possibilities of growth of the city, mainly by away potential investors in the same..

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