Keep Losing Weight

Losing weight is an incredible achievement! But now, maintaining weight loss is your new challenge. The good news is that you’ve probably learned some new healthy changes in lifestyle that will make you the easiest maintain your new weight. Running some of these practices, but relax a little, you can still maintain your weight while you are still in your diet. You have to do your tricks of diet habits all those healthy habits that make your diet success you should use them still when you’re maintaining your weight. Filled with vegetables and fruit every meal, and watch lots of other foods. You must stay away from the no healthy options, replacing them with foods that satisfy your desires, but not packing you in kilos. At this point, of course that you can enjoy a pleasure here and there, but not do it every day.

If you love sweets, try a handful of a whole grain that is sweetened cereals full fiber or get a bit of applesauce for a low option in calories. Start your day well to maintain the Breakfast weight loss is the key to maintaining weight loss. Your metabolism slows down at night due to the circadian rhythm of the body, so you need food to rekindle it. Grab something low in sugar, but rich in protein and fiber to keep you full until mid morning snack. Try an omelette of egg whites, oatmeal with cinnamon and fruit or yogurt with fruit or cereal high in fiber.

You should move around as much as you can the studies show that people who have lost a significant amount of weight only maintained the weight if they do exercise as part of your routine. You must do so at least 30 minutes most days (at least 4 times per week) and make sure you incorporate intense intervals of cardio and strength training into your routine. Cardio you should add intervals of cardio in your workout and get be shaped out of the gym in record time. When you’ve completed your chosen cardio workout, add 30 seconds sprints and 90 seconds of recoveries to your routine. Sprint intervals can be in the form of steps fast, executed during the walk, or indeed running during your shift. Force to achieve a more accelerated metabolism while weight training Burns fewer calories the activity cardiovascular, increase your lean muscle mass will benefit your metabolism at rest, therefore burn more calories during the day. It is working faster as you complete your training with weights, and will keep your heart rate, burning more during the session of weight. Two different parts of the body works in quick succession and you will fly through your gym session, also. You must complete a lower body Assembly, then immediately switches to a higher body without a break between them. After 3 sets of each exercise, incorporates a minute of cardiovascular exercise to really keep to the limit the pumping of your heart. You must be aware of the amount of calories you need to consume and burn each day and must do everything possible to stay within that range, only so you can maintain the weight loss. It is not necessary that you do a follow-up of all the calories, but you must be aware of what you’re eating to maintain the account. Gives a twist to your life knows the real method to lose weight in a short time!

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