International Federation

Wrestling is a sport that relies on force, where participants try to defeat his adversary giving and receiving blows through the hands and legs, which are items both attack and defense. Unlike this practice, the Greco-Roman not allowed the use of his legs. A wrestling match wins by falling to the ground to the rival and securely holding your shoulders on the floor; Likewise adding punctuation with the good use of the techniques of this sport. Wrestling is a sport of men and women, the practice of these last is known as female wrestling. The first championship of the sport was conducted in Helsinki in the year 1951. The United States are those who lead the sport of wrestling.

However countries like Mongolia where wrestling is the national sport, Iran and Turkey, have been important practitioners of lucha libre at the global level. There are currently 7 practice in both male and female categories, which vary depending on the weight of the participants. Sports wrestling takes place in a circle of 9 meters in diameter, which is divided into the central area of struggle and the passivity zone. Athletes attire is simple and light: A red or blue Jersey and a pair of boots free of heels and metallic elements, that cover your ankles. The coordination and monitoring of the sports dispute, is in charge of three people. referee l, which stays at the scene of the fight inside and is who fixes directly to players of wrestling, the judge, who points the actions for its part located outside of the stage and the head of tapestry that is also located on the outside of the stage, is in charge of monitoring task of the previous two referee and judgein order to avoid showing inconsistencies and bad grades; him directly dependent on the final score. An Olympic sport since the year 1904 this sport is part of the Olympic Games. Participation in this event, this discipline began to be recognized worldwide and considered as a professional sport in countries like United States and Great Britain.

Wrestling, is one of the most important sports in these international sports days. 17 Countries participated in the Olympic Games in Atlanta in 1996, participants from 15 countries competed in the year 2000 games made in Sydney and in addition there was presence of players from 17 countries. Eight years later his foray into the Olympic Games, was created in Sweden the International Federation\’s struggles associated row. In its 96 years, has been commissioned to coordinate the sport of wrestling at the international level.

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