On the one hand, it should not be too low, or bathtub will protrude above the frame that will agree, is not always beautiful. On the other hand, the bath should be as low as possible, then it will benefit all members of your family, regardless of gymnastic abilities. The height of the uprights is calculated as follows. If you would like to know more then you should visit Dr. John Mcdougall. Install a bath and measure the distance from floor to bottom edge side. From this distance, we must subtract the thickness of the boards of the base and top frame, the substrate (a sheet of plywood or particle board), tiles and mortar, which it will be fixed. The thickness of the mortar under the tile can take up to 3 mm (epoxy putty), the thickness of the remaining parts can easily measure. Preparing the ground: boards should be laid around the perimeter of the frame and fasten them to the floor with screws. Cut the required number of posts and nailed them to the ground.

If the rack is a wall, in addition nailed to a wall. How long does it stands? It is easy to calculate: the distance between them should not exceed 50 cm, in addition, supports must be in the corners of the frame. For the convenience of mounting in the installation sites can be rack nailed to the bottom of small bars. Set the rack (with its lateral surface is in contact with the end of the bar) and not nailed to the ground, but to the bar.

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