Inflate Muscles

Despite all these efforts, the majority of bodybuilders (and it's not just about the amateurs and professionals), and sometimes very difficult to achieve any notable success in the development of the external oblique abdominal muscles, or simply "Skew". And because many of them in the first years of training not only paid them little attention and not doing a separate study of them, assuming that the pumping of the abdominal muscles will occur during the remainder of exercises. To avoid this error, to accustom themselves to the fact that your body is no minor muscle, and that you simply do not exist the word "later". And if so, then train everyone, even minor muscle on the first day training, with their pumping no more and no less attention than the others. And yet: let external oblique abdominal muscles do not give your figure a power as the pumping of the back muscles and biceps, but if you do not develop them, it is very soon confronted with the fact that it "skew" will not allow you to begin working with a super-large scales, due to general lack of development and permanent injuries. That's why try to even the first day to include exercises for them in their split the program. A basic exercises for beginners bodybuilders are: 1. With a barbell on your shoulders behind your head you make a circular rotation of the body, the so-called "sine wave" amplitude.

That is, first there must be small, then the rotation angle is increased to 90 * at the peak of the approach. And then begins to decrease, while the last repetition is almost fizzles. 2. Sitting on the bench, raise your hand with the dumbbell over your head, and the inclination to commit feet so that the hand with the weights went to the opposite hip. Return to starting position and do not stop, making a deflection ago, but this time, so that the outstretched arm was at an angle to the body in 270 *. Again return to starting position and change arm. 3. To 'lie' – the same as that of a workout routine press – legs together, hands behind his head.

Making a lift legs bent at the knees to the chin, but so that in turn try to touch them, then one or the other shoulder. 4. Vis on the crossbar, lifting densely serried feet apart. And remember that when working with external oblique abdominal muscles should be done at least 3-4 sets of 25-40 repetitions each, but in this case will be pumped muscles.

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