How To Build A Springboard

Hi, kids! Too many snowboarders and skiers, some like to jump. Unfortunately, special parks in our region and we can not speak, coming literate ramps are being built in Baikalsk. Chita same boarders build all their own hands. I almost always have to watch as a small group of people thoughtlessly erected "bump", and then collapsing on a plane landing, were injured. It seems to me much safer in terms of fall jump from 15 meters in transit, which was built correctly, having a sufficient angle of landing (unless of course reach the landing, various undershoot with dips on the table is very unpleasant and can significantly affect the your health). What springboard with a span of 6 meters at ploskach. And often we are building just such irregular jumps.

I do not say what to do with a giant fly-kickers, you can always find a competent place, but the ability to see the relief already comes with experience. But if the trampoline is built correctly, then mastering tricks is much faster, and just fly so enjoyable and safer )))). Thus, we consider an approximate scheme of the ramp. The slope is under construction competent figure should look like this: Part A – acceleration. Think not that important, but not lift in Chita and around quite a rare thing, so stomp on dispersal is likely to have peshochkom. And if the site dispersal be gentle enough, stomp will be very long, because as the saying goes better flight than undershoot. The slope must be steep enough and well groomed, because raskolbas on the porch seriously hampered correctly go to springboard.

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