I was thinking, that life has its paradoxical side that hits you, where most it hurts, that hits you where more you\’ve worked on the side as you know and one can look at the facts as if they were matches or fortuitous coincidences, however worth reflecting on your nights of meditation in your encounters with your conscience, without witnesses and if half-truthsIt is there, where the dialogue is fruitful, transparent, here I share example of these reflections and to where I couldn\’t do it, remove the following paradoxes that I share them and invite you to do the same. So many times, ligue the uterine horns to multiparous women who one day I linked the mine not the fallopian tubes, but if Piquet Varices grade IV. So many times, standing with the knife in my right hand mine opened the abdomen of many women that one day prone, with the scalpel in the air .abrieron. How many times thousands of patients paid for my professional services that one day I ended up paying to make me attend How many veces-miles perhaps he spoke and behind the desk doctor explained that one day I ended up listening to what I spoke and explained from that medical desk. Thousands of times condolia me and hugged my patients that a day be mourned and colleagues hugged me as a patient. How many times, in many clinics and hospitals, after the surgery, he applauded, appreciated, left indications and I marched that day completed the procedures, I congratulated let me directions and were leaving. Many times, costume hundreds and thousands of children into the world, who opened their eyes amid screams, Bled and fluids that will close the mine amid screams, Bled and fluids a day. How many times we were in death, with patients and their fetuses to act with diligence and reflexes, that one day we found sick and without glare and everything was different.

How many times I wrote and spoke in the burials of friends of struggle and colleagues that one day others spoke on my behalf I worked where other sporting – and I do not regret-, I collaborated more night than day – and not to disown – practiced the profession more ancient of humanity-and I\’m proud – ultimately ended my life day, night and not by a disease-similar-to which workers are most oldest in the world. The eyes of the Eagle, were closed at the end you ceased beating heart of Leon and they numb is the hands of women. of a physician, gynecologist obstetrician that delivered the best years of his life to fighting against diseases and death.

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