I said already you? He said already you as I woke up today? Already he said how much the taste to you of you? How much it is candy to have friendships? How much the winter makes in them to think? Today I thought writing about you! Already I spoke to you that the blue sky, today was orange with the arrival of the winter? that this station always in proporsiona a light festival? I smell it of the cold always invades the house, the yard and the trees. The cold wind enters body adentro touching in more summons weak point of our souls. The homesickness of simplicity, the homesickness of the life satisfactorily. It reflects on its life and it counts to me how are you? How it is felt lately? Which was its finishes joy? Which was finishes it romantic or saudosista letter that you wrote? When it was that you placed your feet in the land? When it was that it was simply destined to read a book? To travel for unknown lands. To dream of something incoherent and impossible Always it has what to count, what to ask! what to observe. Pra always has an old song to sing! A photo to look at. A homesickness to kill. If we live of oxygen, before we need to learn to breathe.

We need to learn to degustar the flavors of the life. The differential of the candy with bitter taste. Today it tears the curtains of iron and concrete and skirt pra to live the life. To live the lives its return. To feel the people as if must. In the simplicity of the life perhaps possmos to find what it fills the gaps of our soul.

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