Healthy Diet

Model agent Sascha A. Babel by the Agency informs Habib models! Often no time to the regular food, and this remains seduced to the snacking, or rather to the snack. Everyone knows that this is not healthy and also not slim makes. \”Model agent Sascha A. Babel says: the saturation characteristics of the models is often unhealthy.\” This problem is far from widespread as the anorexia. Do Anorexics fast no longer good and healthy look, but sick.

The chaotic food is dangerous and widespread among the models. Usually, so begins the vicious cycle: the girl eating ever restrain yourself to stay beautiful slim or because they have no time to eat healthy, and then stuff them up with cravings anything into. After a terribly guilty conscience due to the figure and vomited. This leads to the ESS crushing addiction, bulimia also called. The bulimia is much more common than the anorexia among models. It is important from the outset that listen to what the experts say: A healthy diet which individually to the Individual is adapted, helps to stay slim.

Tips for the nibble what to do when all chocolate lying around? She brings energy quickly and rapidly stops cravings and discontent. But it is also thick. So: Girls should think first before they eat chocolate! Attention: Healthy diet and regular food is very important. Much but not sweet juices of fruit drink, because that contain lots of hidden sugar which is quickly converted to fat. Whoever finds tasteless water: pure aroma! With slices of lemon or orange, herbal tea, green tea and mint tea. It depends on, to snack right such as raw almonds, hazelnuts, and walnuts. This included healthy types of fat and vitamins. Even blueberries, strawberries, carrot, paprika or cucumber sticks are good for in between. Recommended are protein – shakes: whey protein, made with water instead of milk, with no more than 100 calories, provide plenty of protein, but contain no fat and no carbs. Tip: Unhealthy and taboo before a show.

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