Healthcare Sector Profession

Hochschule Fresenius continues with berufsbegleitendem master\’s degree \’Management in the healthcare sector\’ by recognition by medical association. Cologne. \”The part-time master\’s degree management in the healthcare sector\” experience in medical and non-medical is aimed at professionals with at least one year. The FIBAA accredited degree programme includes a total of seven modules that are distributed over a period of two years. The content of the programme include courses on leadership and management, specifically tailored to the health sector as well as specific modules to quality management, integrated supply, Healthmarketing, cost management, medical controlling, evaluation, telemedicine and e-health. The study concludes with a master thesis, where students independently analyze a task from the Division chosen by them and draw up recommendations to solve the problem. Find all attendance of the course at the Hochschule Fresenius in Cologne, the tests can be stored also in Munich or Hamburg.

The virtual campus enables students to access all study materials (including online library), which are also available in presence courses available. With the combination of classroom teaching and virtual classrooms, the Hochschule Fresenius entered uncharted territory, but this step was necessary to meet the requirements of stakeholders in the health sector. Finally, the workday is already very restricted by day and night services for physicians. Clarissa Kasam, Dean of studies for health economic studies at the Hochschule Fresenius, about the attractiveness of the course for physicians: The modular composition and the opportunity to earn continuing education credits parallel next to the master\’s program are big plus points of the course. Also the modern alignment in terms of the image of health care market with regard to management skills or special topics such as marketing, selectively contracts and Geo-coding are appreciated. In any case the master advanced business skills. The course starts in the spring and in the autumn.

Hochschule Fresenius is one of the largest private education provider in Germany is about the Hochschule Fresenius with over 5,000 students. Founded in 1848 as a chemical laboratory of Fresenius in Wiesbaden the University maintains campuses in Idstein, Cologne, Hamburg and Munich today. In the three departments of chemistry & biology, health, and business & media, Bachelor\’s and master\’s programmes are offered in full – and part-time.

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