Health Selfimprovement

You are probably too many times thought about, from what do you depend on our physical activity and health. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Dr. John Mcdougall. So, if we consider factors that affect the physical activity and health, they can be divided into external (objective) for which we, if we can influence, either this effect will be insignificant, or too time-consuming. In particular, this applies, for example, the environment – that surrounds us. Now it is no secret that the land, air and water today are not the ones that were only 50-100 years ago. Simply put, they are poisoned – this is the flip side of scientific and technological progress. Scientists have calculated that even if now stop all the factories (which, as you know, unrealistic), to stop cutting down the forest, our until-that blue planet will need at least another 50-100 years to recover their environment at least partially. But this air we breathe (even if you go away far out of town), the water we drink and eat foods grown on this land.

Moreover, water and food that we eat no longer contain the amount of nutrients, vitamins and minerals which were contained in them before. And there is also emission of radiation, ozone layer istonshenie, etc etc. Many people believe that another "cause" of disease and old age is the sores. But who are you, my dear friends, said that a man in his later years to be weak and sick? Instead of nursing grandchildren and generally enjoying life to his last days.

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